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  • beverages, carrot juices, fermented carrot juices, hot fermented carrot juices, organic carrot juices, organic fermented carrot juices, lemonades, pomegranate sour sauces, lemon sauces, sauces, glass bottle fermented carrot juices, turnip juices, beverage, carrot juice, fermented carrot juice, hot fermented carrot juice, organic carrot juice, organic fermented carrot juice, lemonade, pomegranate sour sauce, lemon sauce, sauce, glass bottle fermented carrot juice, turnip juice, salgam, salgam suyu
    33 Meşrubat Ltd. Corp. , is a Tunç Meşrubat affiliate, that was incorporated in 1978 and has adopted the principles of one-to-one communication with the customer and not
    Telephone: +90 324 614 73 33 Address: Öğretmenler Mah., 2971 Sk. No: 13/A, Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey
  • packings, packages, packagings, paper packings, paper packages, paper packagings, rope handle paper bags, die cut handle paper bags, bottle bags, paper bottle bags, bottle paper bags, ribbon handle paper bags, paper bags, bags, hand-made bags, hand made bags, hand-made paper bags, hand made paper bags, packing, package, packaging, paper packing, paper package, paper packaging, rope handle paper bag, die cut handle paper bag, bottle bag, paper bottle bag, bottle paper bag, ribbon handle paper bag
    The luxury bags with your company logo on are not only simple tools to carry products from store to home; but also the cheapest and one of the most perfect means to promote
    Telephone: +90 541 275 59 91 Address: Mektep Cad., Kutsi Tecer Sk., Umur Apt., No: 10/5, Küçükyalı, İstanbul, Turkey
  • water, bottled water, natural water, natural bottled water, drinking water, bottled drinking water, pet bottle water, plastic bottle water, cup water, 19lt dispenser bottled water, dispenser bottled water, 500ml pet bottle water, 5lt pet bottle water, 1.5lt pet bottle water, 330ml pet bottle water, 10lt pet bottle water, 19lt pet bottle water, 200cc cup water, 300cc cup water
    As Sabuncular Tarim we manufacture and supply water, bottled water, natural water, natural bottled water, drinking water, bottled drinking water, pet bottle water, plastic bottle
    Telephone: +90 256 724 26 00 Address: Aydın - Muğla Karayolu 35. Km Çine, Aydın, Turkey
  • caps, bottle caps, cap, bottle cap, caps, pet bottle caps, oil bottle caps, jar lids, lids, jar caps, lug caps, bottle caps, pet bottles, pe cans, pe bottles, blowing molds, injection molds, glassware products, glasswares, cap, pet bottle cap, oil bottle cap, jar lid, lid, jar cap, lug cap, bottle cap, pet bottle, pe can, pe bottle, blowing mold, injection mold, glassware product, glassware, jar, jars
    As SMS Kapakcilik we manufacture and supply caps, bottle caps, cap, bottle cap, caps, pet bottle caps, oil bottle caps, jar lids, lids, jar caps, lug caps, bottle caps, pet
    Telephone: +90 342 235 51 32 Address: San. Mah., 60006 Nolu Cad. No: 19, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • packaging machines, shrink packaging machines, full automatic packaging machines, semi automatic packaging machines, automatic packaging machines, shrink machines, full automatic shrink machines, semi automatic shrink machines, shrink machineries, packaging machineries, packing machineries, packing machines, lap-over packaging machines, lap-over shrink machines, lap-over shrink packaging machines, glass jar shrink machines, glass bottle shrink machines, auto glasses shrink machines, isolation sh
    YAZICI MAKİNA, using the experience and knowledge of its own high-capacity Overlap System Shrink Packing Machine, Fully & Semi Automatic Shrink Packing Machine, Pneumatic Line
    Telephone: +90 212 325 31 38 - 45 Address: Yeşilce Mah., Donanna Sok., No: 12 4. Levent Otosanayi, İstanbul, Turkey
  • water, bottled water, glass water, glass bottled water, plastic bottled water, mineral water, pet water, dispenser size bottled water, dispenser size water, sparkling mineral water, natural water, bottle water, spring water, natural spring water
    In 2003, Ceysu was founded in Antalya, Turkey. The initial capacity was 10 000 bottles/hour. The present capacity is 50 000 bottles/hour. Ceysu complies with the standards and
    Telephone: +90 242 419 31 80 Address: Gökçam Mah., Değirmen Cad., Doyran Beldesi, Konyaaltı, Antalya, Turkey
  • medical materials, plastic medical materials, eppendorf tube, laboratory equipments, microcentrifuge tube, automatic pipette, pipette tip blue, kinds of plastic tube, plastic tubes, polypropylene stool cup, polypropylene stool bottle, polypropylene sample collection cup, polyproylene sample collection bottle, plastic stool cup, plastic stool bottle, screw capped container, screw capped bottle, urine collection container, plastic bottle for urine collection, urine bottle, urine collection cups
    Pipar Medical Plastic Industry is a company producing high quality medical plastic products.We manufacture;medical materials, plastic medical materials, eppendorf tube, laboratory
    Telephone: +90 332 342 37 71  Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi, 10531 Sokak, No: 3, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • caps, plastic bottles, cap, plastic bottle
    Products : Plastic bottles and
    Telephone: +90 312 3547054 Address: Örnek Sanayi Sitesi 3. Cad. 367. Sok. No: 3 Ostim Ankara, Turkey
  • plastic, plastic cap, plastic caps, bottle cap, bottle caps, plastic bottle cap, plastic bottle caps, cap, caps
    Plastic bottle cap,
    Telephone: +9 0212 683 00 40 Address: Atatürk Bulvarı No:2 Haraççı/Arnavutköy, Turkey
  • baby teether, baby toys, feeding bottle, organic, organic textile, organic toys, sophie, yoomi, cheekychompers, chompers
    We as the exclusive distributor of Sophie la Giraffe products, Cheeky Chompers and Yoomi feeding bottles, we'd like to develop business in
    Telephone: +90 532 4178222 Address: Istanbul Turkey
  • bottles, boxes, buckets, cans, cap, capsule, crown cap, crown cover, glass, glass bottle, glucose, honey, lid, metal, metal box, metal packaging, offset, olive oil, packaging, paint, paint cans, printed tin, sacmi, soda, soft dirink, tin can, tins of olive
    Telephone: 03224281645 Address: T.Cemal Beriker Bulv. No.484, Turkey
  • regulator prv, camping cylinder, ball locking system, lpg regulator, heaters, home appliances, propane regulator, pressure reducing valve, lp regulator, pressure regulating valve, water regulator, pressure valve, regulating valve, gas pressure, tank regulator, reducing, regulator low, nitrogen regulator, pressure propane, natural gas, reducing water, regulator high, bottle regulator, watts pressure, stage regulator, adjustable propane, pressure natural, regulator, cylinder regulator, lpg regulators, regulator adjustment, propane gas, bbq regulator, co2 regulator, grill regulator, reducing regulator, fisher gas, gas cylinder, line regulator, regülatörü, valve steam, regulator gauge, regulator hose, adjusting pressure, propane high, fisher pressure, regülatör, meter regulator, regulator sizing, propane, regulator operation, pressure regulator, gas regulators, regulation
    low pressure scarfed locking system regulator+prv, equipments for the camping cylinder, ball locking system industry lpg regulator, heaters and home
    Telephone: +90(212) 544 21 76 Address: Demirciler Çarşısı , Hastahane Yolu, Baltaş Sanayi Sitesi No:126 Maltepe/ Topkapı , Turkey
  • butyl, construction chemicals, gaskets, insulation, profiles, rubber, water bottle holder belt, wick
    Since its establishment in 1983, IZOLET Construction Chemicals is playing an active role in defining construction industry's needs thanks to its rubber and chemical product
    Telephone: +90 216 533 24 24 Address: Site Yolu, Ak Sanayi Sitesi 2.kisim A Blok No:25 Umraniye / Istanbul
  • basalt stone, manganese ore, coal, charcoal briquete, coconut, pet bottle flakes, robusha coffee bean
    We are exporter company from Indonesia, we selling Basalt stone,COAL,BRIQUETE CHARCOAL,COCONUT SHELL,BAMBOO,& ROBUSHA COFFEE BEEN, PET PLASTIC
    Telephone: +62 21 32955631 Address: TAMAN RAYA BEKASI BLOCK E2 NO.23 MANGUNJAYA TAMBUN
  • cooker, heater, stove, valve, regulator, cartridge, gas, camping, torch, lamp, burner, orgaz, orcamp, orev, org, propane regulator, pressure reducing valve, lp regulator, pressure regulating valve, water regulator, pressure valve, regulating valve, gas pressure, tank regulator, reducing, regulator low, nitrogen regulator, pressure propane, natural gas, reducing water, regulator high, bottle regulator, watts pressure, stage regulator, adjustable propane, pressure natural, regulator, cylinder regulator, lpg regulators, regulator adjust
    ORGAZ was founded in 1992 and specialized in the manufacturing of LPG devices, such as low and high-pressure regulators, valves, furnaces, burners, lanterns and many more. Our
    Telephone: +90 216 593 13 01 Address: Aydınlı Mahallesi Tuzla Mermerciler OSB 1 Sk. No.14 34953 Tuzla - İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
  • food processors, choppers, mixers, hand blenders, juice extractors, citrus juicer, pressure cookers, sandwish makers, freyers, toasters, electricall grill and frypans, popcorn makers, coffee makers, tea makers, tea coffee makers, kettles, linen care, irons with special soleplate, hair styler, hair dryers, epilators, hair clippers and shavers, bathroom scales, waters heaters, vacuum cleaners, yogurt maker, humidifier, dijtal fever thermometer, electronic bottle warner
    The roots of Arzum Dis Ticaret ve Pazarlama A.S. was first established by three brothers who started business as importers of a wide range of products such as small kitchen
    Telephone: +90 212 467 80 80 Address: Abdi İpekçi Cad. No: 195/1 Bayrampaşa 34030 İstanbul / Turkey
  • 45 degree elbow, bottle tap female hose record, cap, cot, dortyol kuruva, ecru washer nut, elbow, heavy duty, hose attachment, hose ta, light type, male hose record, nipple, nozzle, proportional nipple, quad hose t, reduced, taper union, tee
    Telephone: 0212 472 12 32-33 Address: Atatürk Mah.Marmara San.Sit.N Blok No:340 İkitelli/İstanbul, Turkey
  • bottles, bottle, jar, thermos, caps, bottle caps, jar lids, pet bottles, plastic jars, pet jar, ribbed jar, jar with holder, preform, preforms, pet preform, pet preforms, bottle preform, bottle preforms, food containers, food jars, food grade preforms, liquid jars, pickle jars, jam jars, honey jars, tahini jars, marmalade jars, chemical jars, oil jars, vinegar jars, juice bottles, cosmetics jars
    Aspet has been placed among the leading pet jar manufacturing factories in Turkey although it was established in 2005. Over 1000 plasticware companies including edible oil
    Telephone: +90 322 445 28 28 Address: Mersin Yolu Üzeri Sarıhamzalı Mh. 47007 Sk. No:48/A Seyhan - Adana, Turkey
  • glass filling machines, bottle filling machines, cup filling machines, carton sealing robot, acme filling machines
    glass, bottle filling machines, cup, carton sealing robot also used acme filling
    Telephone: 05352414126 Address: Gopaşa , Turkey
  • room perfume bottles, glass bottles, cork stopper, accessories, glass packaging, olive processing machines, Bottle, Glass Bottle, Glass Container, Glass Jar, Glass Packaging, Glass Packing, Glass Product, Glass Tableware, Glassware, Jar, Non-Alcoholic Beverage Bottle, Tableware
    Telephone: 0232 8334117 Address: 1595 Sokak No:225 Kat 4 - 406 Kazım Sop İş Merkezi Serinkuyu Karşıyaka
  • perfume cap, aluminum cap, pilfer proof cap, flip off cap, Capasitor, aluminum balustrade, aluminum gunwale, aluminum baterry box, pp cap, pe cap, pp bottle, pe bottle, shampoo bottle
    Aluminum cap, plastic cap, cream jar,pet bottle, pe bottle , pocket perfume,capasitor,baterry pack,pilfer proof cap,flip off cap production and exportation.
    Telephone: +902125788713 Address: İ.O.S.B. İsteks Sanayi Sitesi No:23-25 Başakşehir / İstanbul, Turkey
  • cosmetics, perfüme, redolence, women, man, woody, flowery, seasoning, aroma, attractive, deodorant, bottle, makeup, lipstick, foundation, cream, foundation cream, face, powder, face powder, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow
    BEB COZMETICS, which has started to operate in the year 2006, takes the manufacturing of quality and permanent perfumes as a principle. BEB COSMETICS owes its fast and stable
    Telephone: +90 212 602 22 22 Address: Denızkoşkler Mahallesı Muhtar Kazım Akgul Caddesı Bılen Sokak No:7 Avcılar, Istanbul - TURKEY
  • cork, cork stopper, jar, glass jars, conical cork, bottles, bottle, bottle for milk, covers, aluminium caps, metal caps, decorative bottles, decorative bottle, glasswares, tablewares, cologne bottle, decorative products
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of cork stopper, glass jars, bottles, bottle for milk, aluminium caps, metal caps, decorative bottles, cologne bottle, decorative products...
    Telephone: +90 212 526 06 86 Address: Mimar Kemalettin Cad. Kayseri Han No:28-21 Sirkeci, Fatih, İstanbul, Turkey
  • black pepper, cake garnish, cake supplies, carbonate, carnation, cayenne pepper, chicken mix, cinnamon, coconut, coffee, condiment, condiments, cumin, currants, kitchen food, kitchen supplies, mahaleb, mahlep, meatballs mix, mint, pimento, pine nuts, powdered essence of lemon, powdered sugar, red pepper flakes, sesame, sodium bicarbonate, spices, sumac, sweet pepper, thyme, black seed, alder dogwood powder, blueberries, spices, herbs, spice, herbs spices, spice bottles, organic spices, seasoning, seasonings, organic herbs, herbal, cooking spices, spice, glass spice, kitchen spice, spice store, spice shop, spice packaging, gourmet spices, plastic spice, spice storage, packaging, glass spice bottle, spices
    BESIKCI BAHARAT was founded by Necmettin BESIKCI on Bedesten main street which is known as Trabzon's trade center. Since it's foundation, company has supplied spices and herbs
    Telephone: +90 462 229 20 85 Address: Bedesten Cad. No: 25 - Trabzon, Turkey
  • natural mineral water, fizzy drinks, non alcohol drinks, non alcoholic drinks, mineral water with lemon flavored, mineral water with apple flavored, mineral water with strawberry flavored, mineral water with cherry flavored, mineral water bottle, mineral water recyclable bottle, mineral water, soft drinks, food and beverage, beverage
    HEALTHY CHOICEOur company was founded in 1957 and starting from 1980, we modernized and dynamically developed ourselves with ongoing investments. Beypazari Mineral Water′s
    Telephone: +90 312 763 14 86-762 74 45-46 Address: Kıbrısçık Yolu Üzeri 6.Km Beypazarı / Ankara/ Turkey
  • glass, bottle, water, jar
    Our company was established in 1989 in Vladimir - Russia. We are ready to perform your every kind of glass bottles and jars in any shape or size with any
    Telephone: +7(4922) 34-03-57 Address: Vladmir - Russia
  • Industrial Gas Mixtures, Medical Gas Mixtures, Special Gas Mixtures, Acetylene Gas, Argon Bottle, Argon Cylinder, Argon Gas, Argon Tank, Argon Welding, Balloon Gas, Bottle Suppliers, Co2 Bottle, Co2 Gas, Composite Cylinder, Cylinder, Cylinder Storage, Gas, Gas Bottle, Gas Canister, Gas Cylinder, Gas Industry, Gas Manufacturing, Gas Supply, Gas Welding, Gases, Helium Cylinder, Helium Gas, Industrial Cylinder, Industrial Gases, Lpg Bottled, Lpg Gas, Medical Gas, Mig Gas, Mig Welder, Mig Welding, Miller Welders, Miller Welding, Nitrogen Bottle, Nitrogen Cylinder, Nitrogen Gas, Nitrogen Tank, Oxygen Bottle, Oxygen Cylinder, Oxygen Tank, Oxygen Welding, Refrigeration, Tank, Tank Welding, Tig Welder, Tig Welding, Welder, Welder Bottle, Welding, Welding Bottle
    Telephone: +90 262 678 74 00 Address: Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Pk.80 41480 Gebze, Turkey
  • bottle, bottles, airless pump bottle, pet bottle, cream jar, foam pump bottle
    Canvard Packaging International Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturer of plastic cosmetic packaging products and paper packaging containers in Guangzhou city, China.
    Telephone: 86 020 4867479 Address: Sandong industrial zone
  • medical, disposable, container, items, equipment, syringe, plastic containers, bottle, sharps containers, plastic box, plastic jars, glass containers, containers, jars, container, plastic, plastics bottle, sharps disposal, disposal container, container with lid, clear containers, plastic storage, medication containers, plastic food, plastic bins, packaging containers, plastic bottles, jar, bottling supplies, biohazard containers, bottle packaging, food containers, glass jar, plastic tub, small containers, jars with lids, sharps bins, large plastic, clear boxes, storage, bottle container, plastic packaging, medical bins, pill, sharps box, bottling, plastic pill, jars containers, medicine plastic, jar packaging, box container, needle container, medicine bottle, hdpe bottles, supplies, round container, bin, disposable medical, package, lids, container
    Ceylan is producer for medical containers and
    Telephone: +90 362 2668171 Address: 19 Mayıs Sanayi Sitesi 71.Sokak No:32 , Turkey
  • manual water pump, hot water dispensers, cold water dispensers, bottle coaster, bottle cover, table, car
    manual water pump, hot and cold water dispensers, bottle coaster, bottle cover, table,
    Telephone: 2125760319 Address: İsmet Paşa Mahallesi Uluhan Sokak No:9 Üstün İş Hanı Bayrampaşa, Turkey
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