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  • garbage bags, container garbage bags, jumbo size garbage bags, bulk garbage bags, outsize garbage bags, large size garbage bags, medium size garbage bags, mini size garbage bags, medical waste garbage bags, industrial cleaning equipments, garbage bag, container garbage bag, jumbo size garbage bag, bulk garbage bag, outsize garbage bag, large size garbage bag, medium size garbage bag, mini size garbage bag, medical waste garbage bag, industrial cleaning equipment, serving trolleys, cleaning sets, plastic cleaning sets, plastic serving trolleys, cleaning trolleys, cupboard serving trolleys, cupboard cleaning trolleys, double bucket cleaning trolleys, spare buckets, wheeled spare buckets
    Allwin Trade has found a place between the oldest, well-known and the most stable companies in the plastic packaging industry with its respectable and reliable identity. Through
    Telephone: +90 212 422 88 40 Address: Turgut Özal Mah., Tonguç Baba Cad., Torium Evleri Kat: 2 D: 23, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cleaning produtcs, plastic cleaning products, plastic kitchenwares, plastic kitchen products, kitchenwares, kitchen products, airtight products, practical products, dry food preserves, vacuum boxes, storage boxes, lock boxes, mops, cleaning mops, cleaning buckets, plastic cleaning buckets, plastic airtight products, plastic dry food preserves, plastic vacuum boxes, plastic storage boxes, plastic lock boxes, lemon squeezers, plastic lemon squeezers, salad plates, plastic salad plates, cleaning pr, mop, mop items, cleaning item, mop set, mop bucket, spare pole, head mop, best mop, speedy, high, quality, spin, telescopic, eco, comfort, head, pro, mopida, motek, airtights, products, plastic, kitchenware, houseware, homeware, mlock, locked, vegetable, ultra mop, pratical, fix, rotating, rotate, handle, easy, and, usually, for, ladies, cleaning, clean, clear
    We are under take the right honour of marking by innovations to sector on plastic household with Moonstar mark.Our company that adopt as a principle to quality and truthful
    Telephone: +90 212 875 26 66 Address: Bakır ve Pirinç San. Sit., Orkide Cad. No: 16, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • heaters, heating hoses, industrial heaters, ibc heaters, barrel heaters, temperature control devices, electrical under blankets, drum heaters, bucket heaters, tube heaters, silicon heaters, film heaters, heat bands, satellite dish heaters, soldering pots, electric mats, belly heaters, abdomen heaters, knee heaters, hand heaters, arm heaters, neck heaters, electrical boots, foot heaters, pvc heat bands, heater, heating hose, industrial heater, ibc heater, barrel heater, bathroom mat set, bathroom mat, apron, table cloth, decorati
    Our company, founded in 1970 as a private company, began its commercial activities first with the sales of copiers and copying supplies. 2 years later, our company began
    Telephone: 5365490012 Address: Dr. Mediha Eldem Sok. No: 69/3, Kocatepe, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey
  • packings, packagings, plastic packings, plastic packagings, plastic buckets, buckets, food packings, food packagings, food buckets, halva packings, jam packings, tahini packings, chocolate packings, yoghurt packings, packing, packaging, plastic packing, plastic packaging, plastic bucket, bucket, food packing, food packaging, food bucket, halva packing, jam packing, tahini packing, chocolate packing, yoghurt packing, square buckets, rectangular buckets, round buckets, yoghurt buckets
    As Sadepak Plastic we manufacture and supply packings, packagings, plastic packings, plastic packagings, plastic buckets, buckets, food packings, food packagings, food buckets,
    Telephone: +90 332 345 08 04 Address: Büsan OSB, Fevzi Çakmak Mah., 10653 Sk. No: 6, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • elevators, helixes, conveyors, conveying belts, sieves, mixers, aspirators, cyclones, silos, air channels, chambers, elevator, helix, conveyor, conveying belt, sieve, mixer, aspirator, cyclone, silo, air channel, chamber, z type elevators, vertical z type elevators, swing z elevators, z type chrome elevators, tilting z type elevators, chrome food helixes, chrome chambers, buckets, election coveying belts, election boards, vertical bucket elevators, chain type elevators, sanding elevators, Conveying and Handling, Aspirators, Cleaners and Graders, Cleaners, Grain, Pulse, Cleaning and Disinfection Products, Cleaning Equipment, Filter Bag, Cleaning Equipment, Mill Spout, Conveyor Belting, Conveyors, Conveyors, Belt, Conveyors, Flexible, Spiral, Conveyors, Screw, Conveyors, Vacuum, Elevator Belting, Elevator Bucket Bolts, Elevator Buckets, Elevator Chain, Elevator Components, Elevators, Elevators, Belt, Elevators, Bucket-Type, Elevators, Cage-Type, Elevators, Continuous Platform, Elevators, Magnetic, Elevators, Manlift, Elevators, Pneumatic, Elevators, Screw, Grain Handling Systems, Grain Protection, Security Seals, Separators, Grader, Separators, Gravity, Separators, Liquid and Solid, Separators, Magnetic, Sizing Equipment, Seed Processing, Seed Grader, Seed Cleaners, Seed Sorters, Seed Conveyors, Pulses processing, Pulses Cleaning, Pulses Machine, Cereal Cleaning, Peanut Cleaning, Groundnut Processing, Wheat Cleaner, Wheat Grader, Wheat Sorter, Rice Cleaner, Rice Grader, Processing Plant, Seed Plant, Grain Plant, Pulses Plant, Wheat Plant
    As SRD Makine we manufacture and supply elevators, helixes, conveyors, conveying belts, sieves, mixers, aspirators, cyclones, silos, air channels, chambers, elevator, helix,
    Telephone: +90 530 114 65 46 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Büsan OSB 10651 Sk. No: 7, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • stove, stoves, heating stove, heating stoves, heater, heaters, range, ranges, dutch oven, dutch ovens, kitchen stove, kitchen stoves, bricked stove, bricked stoves, coal stove, coal stoves, bricked range, bricked ranges, cooked stove, cooked stoves, brick range, brick ranges, brick stove, brick stoves, brick cooked stove, brick cooked stoves, bucket stove, bucket stoves, cast foot stove, cast foot stoves, round stove, round stoves, cast foot brick cooked stove, cast foot brick cooked stoves
    As Isimetal we manufacture and supply stove, stoves, heating stove, heating stoves, heater, heaters, range, ranges, dutch oven, dutch ovens, kitchen stove, kitchen stoves, bricked
    Telephone: +90 224 364 59 55 Address: Yunusemre Mah., Ordukaya Sok., No: 6, Yıldırım, Bursa, Turkey
  • millers, milling machines, destroyers, larva destroyers, degerminators, semolina purifiers, purifiers, roller mills, circular air canals, trieurs, separators, cleaning separators, hammer mills, dampeners, impact detachers, bran finishers, cyclones, air locks, ecluses, blowers, conveyors, tube screws, bucket elevators, jet filters, pneumatic fans, miller, milling machine, destroyer, larva destroyer, degerminator, semolina purifier, purifier, roller mill
    The foundation of ASG Group was laid by Mehmet Enver ATASEVEN in 1953. The company founded under the name Değirmen Makineleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Kollektif Şirketi in 1961 has,
    Telephone: +90 342 357 01 50 Address: 4. OSB, 83404 Sk. No: 6, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, dam gate cylinders, mining machines, earth moving machines, construction machines, construction machineries, hydraulic shock absorbers, shock absorbers, mobile cylinders, extrusions, extrusion machines, extrusion machineries, horizontal extrusions, horizontal extrusion machines, horizontal extrusion machineries, crane rollers, cone crushings, cone crushing machines, cone crushing machineries, hydraulic buffers, buffers, structural steels, iron bar, round bar, rebar, steel rebar, hydraulic cylinder, iron, cement, steel tube, steel pipe, titanium, titanium pipe, titanium sheet, trade company, tgs, chickpea, chickpeas, milkpowder, milk powder, wheat flour, flour, turkish delight, delight, bean, sugar, white sugar, dried fruit, round bars, steel wool, pumps, valves, oil tanks, bread flour, Biscuit Flour, Wheat Bran, Noodle Flour, noodle flour, Pizza Flour, Wheat Semolina, Wheat Soya Blend, steel plate, hot rolled tube, piston rings, nuts, steel plates, ck45 bar, ck45 bars, ST52, S355J2G3, forging bars, bandsaw, oil tank, OIL TANK, steel, ferro, ferro chrome, low allow ferro chrome, steel sheet, ferro alloy, ferrochrome, steel billet, hydraulic buffer, bracket, gas tank, wheat, bridge roller, dam gate roller, dam cover roller, cement cylinder, hydraulic press, press cylinder, press machine, hydraulic press cylinder, hydraulic, telescopic cylinder, telematic cylinder, abkant cylinder, abkant cylinders, abkant and hydraulic press cylinder, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, hydraulic products, hydraulic services, crane, hydraulic crane, lift, hydraulic lift, pneumatic system, hydraulic motion guides, modular pneumatic valves, hydraulic valves, hydraulic valve, pneumatic fittings, hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic pistons, hydraulic flanges, hydraulic machinery systems, industrial hydraulic machinery, hydraulic presses, hydraulic workshop equipment, bucket cylinders, press cylinders, special cylinders for manufacturing iron and steel, hydraulic press machinery, Hydraulic Lift Systems, Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Lift, hydraulic power units, hydraulic system, telesco
    Kayahan export and import company founded in 2008 that specializes in export and import of any product. KAYAHAN Group Companies, consisting of KAYAHAN Hydraulic Machinery
    Telephone: +90 332 249 72 00 Address: 1.Organize San. Bölgesi, Bayrampaşa Caddesi No:7, Konya, Turkey
  • industrial machinery, machinery and equipments, hydraulic machinery systems, hydraulic machinery, industrial hydraulic machinery, workshop machinery, hydraulic workshop equipment, industrial presses, hydraulic presses, hydraulic machinery and equipment, standard lifters, standard lifter, hydraulic machinery parts, workshop press, rotary workshop pres, hot rubber printing press, bucket cylinders, press cylinders, high speed rotary cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic machinery cylinders
    Our company commenced operations in lift and hydraulic press manufacturing sector as "Manastech Machinery" with experts, experienced staff and management team who trained in the
    Telephone: +90 332 345 15 23 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Kostim San. Sit., 10577 Sk., No: 17, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • milling machines, millers, roller mills, pneumatic roller mills, square plansifters, prufiers, plansifters, bran finishers, flour finishers, jet filters, air jet filters, pneumatic cyclones, manifold pipes, impact detachers, air locks, rotoflows, tube screw conveyors, vitamine dosing machines, vibro feeders, flour depots, separators, dry stoners, vibro tarars, radial tarars, scourers, silos, elevator, dust cyclone, pneumambariatik rollernill, compressor, sewing machine, elektronik scale elektrikel motors, magnet, injector, pipe type, exstra equipments for nillin machine, screw conveyor with leg, loading conveyor, turning chimney ecluse, bucket elevator, blending machine, electrical control panel, extraction scale, automatic bagging, flour distrubitor, blower, rotoflow, separator, dry stoner, air canal, horizontak scourer, double trieur, trieur, vibro tarar, radial tarar, washing with vertikal drying, wheat friktion machinery, flowmeter, intensive dampener, inclined intensive dampener, bucket dampening, kontrolsieve, pneumtic fan, flour depot, inclined intensive dampen, flour -branscrewconveyor, bucket and belts, round oereforated sheet, sight glass eith frame perforated, muisture meter, roller-mills mill
    OZBASAK Milling Machinery Manufacturing Inc. is committed to serve the industry with EKONOMİLL brand for more than 21 years since the establishment with modern technology and many
    Telephone: +90 332 249 32 28 Address: Fevzi Cakmak Mah., 10670 Sk., No: 10, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • plastic packaging products, injection molding plastic packages, plastic packings, plastic packing products, food packaging products, plastic yoghurt packages, plastic cheese packages, plastic halvah packages, plastic margarine packages, plastic chocolate cream packages, detergent packing products, plastic caps, plastic ice cream packages, plastic bucket, plastic box, plastic lid, plastic case, polypropylene, polyetylene, pp, round plastic packages, square plastic packages, rectangle plastic pack
    As Pakfor we manufacture and supply yoghurt bucket, cheese case, cream case, candy case, halva case, chocolate case, candy floss case, sugar case, condensed yoghurt bucket, jam
    Telephone: +90 538 652 82 48 / +90 332 341 03 42 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Ayyıldız Cad., Büsan Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, No: 18/L, Selçuklu, Konya, Türkiye
  • stove, stoves, kitchen stove, kitchen stoves, bucket stove, bucket stoves, bucket kitchen stove, bucket kitchen stoves, brick stove, brick stoves, brick kitchen stove, brick kitchen stoves, cornered stove, cornered stoves, cast stove, cast stoves, cast cornered stove, cast cornered stoves, brick cornered stove, brick cornered stoves, enamelled stove, enamelled stoves, tubular bucket stove, tubular bucket stoves, square bucket stove
    In 1950s our company has entered the manufacturing industry with manufacturing of rototillers and continued with the wood stoves and the variety of accessories between 1960 and
    Telephone: +90 332 239 00 91-92 Address: Büyükkayacık Mah., 4. OSB, 101. Cd., No: 19, Konya, Turkey
  • profile center blades, ripper shank, grader side blade, caterpillar grader profile center blades, construction machinery parts, champion grader side blades, mitsubishi grader side blades, flat-allis dozer ripper point, daewoo excavator bucket, samsung excavator bucket, hyundai excavator bucket, kawasaki wheeld loader, caterpillar center and corner tips, caterpillar center, corner tips, central tips, standart central tip, left corner tip, right cornerl tip, central tip heavy duty, central
    AES TradingAs a manufacturer of Tristars brand in China (Ningbo), AES manufactures ground engaging tools, bucket teeth, adapters, cutting edges, blades and rippers for excavators,
    Telephone: +90 (216) 571 90 90 Address: Des Sanayi Sitesi 115. Sk C21 Blok Umraniye Istanbul, Turkey
  • garments, readywears, readytowears, clothings, clothes, hats, beanies, gloves, earflap beanies, trio sets, polyester beanies, angora beanies, knitted gloves, ski gloves, scarves, leather gloves, artificial leather gloves, wool gloves, caps, baby caps, children caps, man caps, woman caps, baby bucket hats, baby straw hats, baby maxi hats, hat, beanie, glove, earflap beanie, trio set, polyester beanie, angora beanie, knitted glove, ski glove, scarf, leather glove, artificial leathegr glove
    AKAL, which has been established by an entrepreneur family in Eminonu/ ISTANBUL in 1978, became an esteemed and respected company in textile market by proceeding certain steps
    Telephone: +90 216 422 17 51 Address: Çengelköy Güzeltepe Mah., Küçüknamazgah Cad., No: 10/2, Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • Textile Machinery, Coil Transfer Machine, The shuttle Coil Winding Machines, Shuttle Coil Folding Machine, Cagli Coil Folding Machine, Bucket of Coil Winding Machines, Coil Bucket Folding Machine, Knitted Sweater, Coil Transfer Machine, Exasperated coil transfer machine, Hank Making Machine, Automotive Industry, Chassis Parts, Interconnection arms, Truck Parts, Bus Parts, Minibus Parts, Manufacturing Machine, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Projects, Machinery and Automation, Rubber Molds, Water Pump Rubber Plastic Equipment, Solar Energy Equipment, Rubber plastic wedges Groups, Dust Seals, Shake Wedges, Cable Tires, Tire Repair Equipment, Garage Equipment
    Telephone: 903423371078 Address: 2.organize san böl. 83234 nolu cad.no 4 başpınar/Gaziantep/Turkey
  • grape jam jars, mulberry molasses, drums mulberry molasses, mulberry molasses, pet mulberry molasses, carob (carob) molasses, drums carob syrup, cans of sesame oil, bucket grape molasses, bucket mulberry molasses, cans grape molasses, tin, carob syrup, essence, baytat, carob, natural carob syrup, carob firms, price carob, carob bean flour, carob flour, carob syrup, carob bean paste
    Healthy and production of natural plant , made ​​of import and export Our company was established to impart knowledge and skills and their combined experience consists of a strong
    Telephone: 00-90-324-6764400 Address: Huzurkent Mersın-Tarsus Organıze Sanayı Bolgesı 2.Cadde No:18 Akdenız/Mersın, Turkey
  • 4-sided locking attachment, attachment briquettes, bale clamp, barrel attachment, forklift attachments, hydraulic bucket attachment, paper coil attachment, side shift
    Forklift Attachments, Attachment briquettes, Barrel Attachment, Bale clamp, hydraulic bucket attachment, 4-sided locking attachment, side shift, Paper coil
    Telephone: 03224410644 Address: Adana-Mersin Karayolu Üzeri 17. Km 01210 Seyhan, Turkey
  • bucket, forks, quick coupler, breaker tine, grapple, ripper, brackets
    Our company manufactures parts and attachments for the Construction / Quarry / Mining Equipment and Machinery. We have been established for 35 years, working closely with Komatsu,
    Telephone: 90 258 818 61 35 Address: Denizli, Turkey
  • heavy equipment parts, heavy equipment, construction machinery parts, machinery construction parts, construction equipment parts, construction machinery parts, construction equipment parts, building construction machinery parts, excavator parts, earth moving equipment parts, Jcb Equipment, Jcb Heavy Equipment, Jcb Equipment Parts, Jcb Earth Moving Equipment, Jcb Parts, Jcb Excavator Parts, Jcb Forklift Parts, Jcb Aftermarket Parts, Parts Jcb, Jcb Digger Parts, Jcb Replacement Parts, Jcb Backhoe Parts, Jcb Loader, Jcb Backhoe Loader, Jcb Wheel Loader, Excavator Bucket Teeth, Digger Bucket Teeth, Jcb Spare Parts, Jcb Spares, Spare Parts Jcb, Spare Parts For Jcb
    We are the one of the leader company in JCB spare parts business other than used and new brand machine trade and repair and maintenance. We have been runing a business JCB
    Telephone: 00902163968418 Address: Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • on-vehicle equipments, snow plowers, salt spreader vehicles, mobile hydraulic truck-mounted cranes, ramp wreckers, moving freight elevators, bucket platforms, double-decker auto carriers, dumpers, trailer tipper trucks, fuel tankers, salt spreaders, snow plough, blade, plough, snow blowers, vacuum sweepers, road sweepers, front sweepers, air port sweepers, street sweepers, salt spreader, snow blows, blades, ploughs, snow blower, vacuum sweeper, road sweeper, front sweeper, air port sweeper
    The company has been giving services of vacuum road sweepers, snow blades, salt spreaders and manufacturing, maintenance, revision and spare parts since 2005 at Ivedik Organized
    Telephone: +90 312 815 11 08 Address: Saray Keresteciler San. Sit., 1. Cadde, No: 43, Kazan, Ankara, Turkey
  • plastic, plastic products, products, food, bucket, food bucket, roll, protective, healthy
    Our company is supplier and exporter of plastic, plastic products, products, food, bucket, food bucket, roll, protective, healthy, plastic bucket suppliers.We will be glad to be
    Telephone: +903323426655 Address: Hacı Yusuf Mescid Mh.Mevlevi Cad.Aslım San.Sit. No:20/M Karatay/KONYA TURKEY
  • plastic elevator bucket, metal elevator bucket, elevator belt, flour mill, filter cover lock, flour milling machinery, turnkey flour mills, adjustable filter lock, screw conveyor, cold rolled screw conveyor, screw bearing bush, screw bearing, screw bearings, clamp, compact flour mill, reduction, elbow bend, metal elbow, control pipe, y branch pipe, control pipe with cover, pneumatic cyclone, flow pipe, flour flap, maize mill, chain coupling, one line chain gear, elevator casting pulley
    Our company manufactures turnkey floor and feed facilities, grain storage systems (steel silo). We also sell second hand floor and feed machines as turnkey and
    Telephone: +90 332 345 36 70 Address: Fevziçakmak Mah. Milenyum Cad. 10664 Sk. No: 40/A Karatay - Konya, Turkey
  • air locks, aspiration channels, bran finishers, bucket elevators, carrying equipments for mills, centrifugal fans, cleaning equipments for mills, compant flour milling, dust filters, equipments for mills, flour mill, flour mill factory, flour mill systems, grinding equipments for mills, horizontal scourers, intensive dampeners, screw conveyors, semolina mill factory, semolina prufiers, trieurs, vibro finish, vibro finishers, wheat flour mill, wheat mill
    BASARI MILLING COMPANY Flour Mill Factory, Semolina Mill Factory, Semolina Prufiers, Dust Filters, Horizontal Scourers, Centrifugal Fans, Vibro Finishers, Screw Conveyors,
    Telephone: 0090 332 345 44 55-56 Address: Büsan Özel Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Milenyum Caddesi, No: 16 Karatay / Konya / Turkey
  • Square tin box lines, conical tin bucket lines, jar lid line, canister machines, tin packaging, metal packaging, tin molds, tins machines, flanging machines, closing machines, presses, eccentric presses, bottom line, round tin box line, deep drawing box line
    Square tin box lines, conical tin bucket lines, jar lid line, canister machines, tin packaging, metal packaging, tin molds, tins machines, flanging machines, closing machines,
    Telephone: +90 216 314 64 01 (4 /Hat) Address: İmes Sanayi Sitesi C Blok 302 Sk. No: 134776 Yukarı Dudullu, Ümraniye, Turkey
  • cleaning equipment tools, cleaning mop, cleaning service trolley, cleaning tools, cleaning trolley, hospital multifunction service cart, hospital wet mop, household microfiber mop, household mop holder, industrial cleaning tools, kentucy mop, mopping system, service cart, solar panel cleaning systems, velcro mop, window cleaning bucket
    Telephone: +90 216 313 88 58 Address: Imes Sanayı Sıtesı B Blok 204 Sk No 36, Turkey
  • bucket recycling decomposition, galvanized containers, garbage cans, garbage containers, medical waste bucket, mop, pedal dustbin, plastic containers, stainless trash cans, trolley, washing the car
    Garbage containers, garbage cans, Galvanized containers, plastic containers, washing the car, Pedal dustbin, stainless trash cans, medical waste bucket, bucket Recycling
    Telephone: 0 312 226 69 23 Address: Piyade Mah. 2022 Cd. No:29/3 Etimesgut, Turkey
  • metal playground set, the metal game, metal playground, playground, children's play group metals, children's play area, children's play group, children's play group, children's playground, wooden playground set, wooden benches, metal bench, cast iron bench, metal garden bench, wrought iron benches, composite benches, composite bench, garden garbage bucket, metal garbage bucket, metal garbage pail, wrought iron trash cans, metal garden waste bin, garden waste bin, composite garbage cans, Play Equipment, Playground Equipment, Commercial Playground, Equipment Indoor, Kids Equipment, Soft Play, Playground, Play Structures, Playground Set, Playground Slide, Kids Outdoor, Outdoor Playground, Outdoor Toys, Backyard Playground, Outdoor Toddler, Park Equipment, Swing Sets, Children Playground, Outside Toys, Childrens Outdoor, Playsets, Home Playground, Playground Swings, Outdoor Play, Toddler Playground, Wooden Playground, Commercial Play, Kids Playground, Preschool Playground, Set Wooden, Playground Design, Plastic Playground, Area Equipment, Indoor Playground, Play Systems, Play, Indoor Playsets, Outside Play, Kids Playset, Wooden Play, Outside Playground, Kids Swing, Childrens Garden, Toddler Play
    metal playground set, the metal game, metal playground, playground, children's play group metals, children's play area, children's play group, children's play group, children's
    Telephone: +905324235044 Address: Ataşehir mah. Malatya cad. 11.km No:411 Elazığspor tesisleri yanı
  • mobile screening plants, padding machine, mobile jaw crusher, multi bucket dredgers, grab dredgers, mobile drum screening plants, multi bucket and grab dredgers
    Our company was established in 1988 in association with German BEYER GmbH company. The company in Germany has been working since 1971. Our company have carried long year knowledge
    Telephone: 00903123861140 - 41 Address: Turkey
  • peshtamals, bath gloves, hermetic pillows, bathing clogs, slipper, slippers, ottoman faucets, ottoman faucet, bowls, foam buckets, foam bucket, soaps, soap, massage oils, massage oil, olive oil soap, daphne soap, hamam soap, hamam foam soap, traditional wooden clogs, traditional wooden clogs for women, traditional wooden clogs for men
    All for Hamam is established in 2006 in Izmir,Turkey. Besides natural stones,our main field is Turkish Bath (Turkish Hamam). With the experience gained throughout the years, our
    Telephone: +90-505-5198195 Address: 5478/1 Sk.No:6/A Çamdibi/İzmir/Turkey
  • plastic bucket, plastic ware, dish rack, baskets, plastic washbowls, plastic vases, plastic vegetable bins, plastic kitchen ware
    Burak company was established in 1999 in Istanbul′s Bayrampaşa area. Our company is specialized in producing domestic plastic kitchen ware. Our products are also available
    Telephone: +90 212 659 40 67 Address: Fabrika : Terazidere Mah. Kahraman Sok. No: 7 Bayrampaşa - İstanbul Mağaza : İstoç Toptancılar Çarşısı 3. Ada No : 153 Bağcılar - İstanbul , Turkey
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